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We maintain and monitor your infrastructure 24x7

A team of experts can help to design, maintain and monitor your infrastructure.

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We provide elastic

We can provide infrastructure as a service (IaaS) through our public/private cloud.

Mantenemos y monitoreamos

About us

We are 10 years old company, with different kind of profesional including systems engineers, systems administrator, developers, scrum masters, user experience designers and journalists.

We are a recognized company in the Chilean market, for both the level of specialization of our services and for the quality of them.

What services do we offer to create or maintain your infrastructure?

Mantenemos y monitoreamos

Maintenance and support 24x7

We have a first-class team to maintain, monitor and provide support to Linux, BSD and Windows servers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Design of high availability systems

We help you design and install computer systems, storage and data bases with high performance and high fault tolerance.

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Implementation of services

We install and configure servers for various needs. We have over 20 years experiences in such work.

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Cloud Management

Do you have your infrastructure in a public cloud and need help managing it? We have experts ready to help you.

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Collaborative mail as a service

We can deliver a collaborative mail system capable of managing thousand of accounts, compatible with all the major email clients in the market.

What infrastructure options can we deliver?

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Virtual servers in cloud

An alternative with the same benefits of a dedicated server, but more flexible. With this you have complete control of your resources through an administration dashboard.

Our public cloud has two separate geographical regions in Santiago, Chile reducing the risk of having your infrastructure in a single geographic location.

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Installation of on-premise private cloud

We install and implement a private cloud on your own servers using the BeeBop cloud technology.

If you do not have the necessary infrastructure, we can help you to acquire or lease all or part of the hardware.


Linets offers products ready to buy and apply to your company.

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Administrable infrastructure; public and private cloud.

Need high availability for your application? Does your site need to address demand peaks? Want to improve the user experience of your website? With our public cloud based on OpenStack and housed in Chilean data centers we can help you solve these problems.

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Platform as a Sevice on Premise

Because in these days the agility of your platform must equal your agile principles of development to achieve continuous response. PaaS provides you with all the tools needed to deploy, distribute, manage and scale your apps in the cloud, and the cloud of your choice, no restrictions. We lead the path of success into the cloud.


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